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  • Regina Halper

Cub Pack 1031: Cub Pack 1031 Scouts Getting Out and Having Safe Fun!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Pack 1031 Lions doing soccer shots—6 feet apart of course!!

This month, Cub Pack 1031 is working hard on its achievements. The Lions completed Lions Honor and are working on Lions on the Run. Tigers are completing their Bobcat, Tigers in the Wild, Team Tiger, and Tiger Stripes. Wolves have finished Call of the Wild, Bears completed Fur, Feathers, and Ferns, and Webelos completed First Responder! Lots of work done before the weather gets cold!

For the coming year, our families will be working on achievements on Zoom with our den along with monthly meetings in the outdoors, and we will keep it fun! We are out in the parks and on the trail wearing our masks, cleaning our hands, and staying 6 feet apart. Wave hi when you see us!

If you are interested in discovering the fun of Cub Scouts, please contact Regina Halper at for more information.

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