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Cub Pack 1031 End of Summer Fun!!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Webelos scouts get ready to start their race!

This month Cub Pack 1031 had a great time at the National Night Out and met several families who are interested in scouting!

We did our introductory Nature Hike on the Little Paint Branch trail two weeks ago and did a trash pickup! We saw small fish, cobwebs, identified Poison ivy, hickory nuts, acorns, and sweet gum balls and the leaves that go with them.

We also picked up 3 bags of trash as part of our partnership with PG Parks Adopt-a-Trail.

Gentle reminder, please be sure to pick up your trash if you spend time by the creek. And don’t move the big rocks in the creek which were put in there to stop erosion.

This week we had a Raingutter regatta with actual Raingutter boats! The scouts and prospective scouts had a great time!

I want to thank all the citizens of Beltsville who helped our unit by purchasing Papa Johns Fundraising cards! The response was fantastic! We raised enough money to offset the increase in registration costs for this year. We will definitely be selling them again next year! It is great to offer something that is a good value and benefits the scouts!

If you are interested in joining Cub Scouts, I hope to be at the local school’s Back to School nights or contact Regina Halper at for information. We are a family scouting unit. We learn outdoor skills, citizenship, STEM, nature, camp two times a year and do service. We meet during the school year at Beltsville Academy for our den meetings. In the summer we are out and about in the parks learning about nature, STEM, doing service, and hiking outdoors.

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