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Cub Pack 1031: Fun in the Outdoors

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Wolf Den playing hula hoop tag

For March, we are getting back into the outdoors and working on our outdoor achievements. Lions tried to meet for a nature hike and talk about safety. The Wolves completed Running with the Pack. Tigers are working on My Tiger Jungle and building a birdhouse. The Bear den is learning to use tools to make a mbira (finger harp) and a sistrum (shaker).

In late March or April, we will make kites and try to fly them. We are also going to lead the Anacostia Watershed Earth Day on April 24 to clean the trail by Little Paint Branch.

For the coming year, our families will be working on achievements on Zoom with our den along with monthly meetings in the outdoors, and we keep it fun! We are out in the parks and on the trail whenever we can, wearing our masks, cleaning our hands, and staying 6 feet apart.

If you are interested in discovering the fun of Cub Scouts, please contact Regina Halper at for more information.

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