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Cub Pack 1031: Scouts Sailing into a New Year

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Avery C and his dad running their boat down the gutter while Wolfy and his mom wait.

For August and September, we met in the outdoors (masks in place and socially distanced by families) On August 24, we shot off our paper rockets with our Stomp Rocket launchers and flew paper airplanes as part of Wolf elective Air of the Wolf. On September 14, we did our Raingutter Regatta. They both needed a COVID 19 adaptation. For both, we used balloon pumps instead of our mouths. No blowing up bottles or propelling the boats down the gutter by blowing on them. The pumps were our “lungs.” Scouts had a great time at both events!

For the coming year, our families will be working on achievements at home along with monthly meetings in the outdoors, but we will keep it fun. We now have no access to Beltsville Academy, so we are out in the parks and on the trail.

We are now accepting new scouts and welcome them to the pack. Especially kindergarteners, 1st graders, and 4th and 5th graders. If you are interested in discovering the fun of Cub Scouts, please contact Regina Halper at Pack for more information. I will post a flyer on Nextdoor and The Beltsville News Facebook page with info. Our Join Scouting Night will be a hike by den (to keep the numbers down) in the park.

A reminder: if you have Cub Scout uniforms that you do not need, please contact Regina Halper at the email above. The cost of Cub Scouting is going up, and sharing your uniforms will help cover the cost of participating.

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