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From the Office of Council Member Tom Dernoga January 2025

Council Member Tom Dernoga with Daija Yisrael, Constituent Services Specialist (left), at Beltsville’s Queen’s Chapel United Methodist Church’s 155th anniversary.

2024 Gavel Exchange

            On Tuesday, December 5, the County Council convened to elect a new County Chair and Vice Chair for Legislative Year 2024. During the Gavel Exchange Ceremony, Council Member Wala Blegay and Council Member Dernoga passed their leadership to the new Council Chair, Jolene Ivey, and Council Vice Chair, Sydney Harrison. Following the adjournment of the ceremony, the County Council entered winter legislative recess and will reconvene in January 2024. Under new leadership, the Council will continue to navigate challenges, create solutions, and serve our people. You may watch the Gavel Exchange Ceremony by going to


We All Have a Role to Play in The Snow

            We have several cold winter months ahead of us with a good chance of snow, and Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT) is ready. The Snow Plan Operation consists of over 250 vehicles and 352 trained personnel prepared to handle snowfall, from light snow to full blizzards. To monitor the progress of snow removal and ice mitigation efforts, visit to use DPWT’s new Snowplow Tracker! Green indicates a road has been cleared and is a safe route for drivers. Red indicates the snow plan team has identified the need for snow or ice removal and will soon address that route. DPWT will also update the public on their social media platforms. The county is prepared for snow, and we all have a role in reducing the amount of toxic chemicals and debris in the snow, eventually melting into the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Remove unnecessary salt from your property to reuse later. Be careful about which snow-melting methods you use, and take care of your storm drain. Protecting your storm drain or inlets from clogging is easy and preventable. You can start by consistently practicing the following: Remove debris and trash from the grates when you see them; Clear debris from the curb line and on top of catch basins so stormwater can flow freely down the street and into the storm drain system; Do not dump trimmings, grass, or leaves over the inlet, ditches, or curb line. This will assist in preventing clogging. Report concerns to assist the Office of System Drainage Management operation by submitting a PGC311 Request. To submit a request, visit or call 301-833-4748.


Better Bag Reminder

            The Better Bag Bill is in effect! After January 1, 2024, all retail businesses are prohibited from distributing single-use plastic carry-out bags. Restaurants will provide paper bags for leftovers and take-out. Other retail establishments will sell paper bags for 10 cents. However, we strongly encourage everyone to use durable, reusable bags. Make sure your home and car are stocked with reusable bags for your next trip to the grocery store.


County-Wide Curbside Compost

            Due to the successful implementation of the Curbside Food Scraps Composting pilot and three expansions, Prince George's County has launched Phase 4, the final expansion of the PGC Composts program, to eligible residents receiving County-contracted trash and recycling services.

The remaining residents will receive direct mail outlining their wheeled green cart and kitchen pail deliveries in the fall of 2023. All eligible residents will receive their materials by the end of January 2024.

Eligible households should look out for your postcard in the mail! There is no need for you to do anything. All materials will be delivered to your residence to start composting, including a 32-gallon wheeled green cart, a 2-gallon kitchen pail, a How-To Guide, a refrigerator magnet, a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and a list of acceptable compostable liners.

            Use our online tracking tool by visiting to determine whether you receive County-collected waste collection services. Eligible residents for compost collection will see "Organics and Yard Trim Day - Monday" listed when searching their street address. For eligible households that do not receive materials by February 2024 or find the information with your address incorrect, please contact PGC311.


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