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From the Office of Council Member Tom Dernoga November 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The District 1 Team assisting Prince Georges County reach a 70% self-response rate for the CENSUS.

Countywide Map Amendment

Due to COVID-19, the March 23, 2020 public hearing on the Countywide Map Amendment (CMA) was postponed. The new hearing has been scheduled for November 19 at 5 pm.

The Countywide Sectional Map Amendment is the final step for adopting the new county zoning process and rules. This includes remapping all existing properties to the new categories, and denser zoning in several District 1 locations. The actual process and zoning have been approved, but not cannot be put into place without the CMA

This is the final step in a complete replacement of the existing zoning processes; rules of what is/is not permitted in each zone; and zoning changes for 100% of the properties in Prince George's County. The actual zoning process and code was approved by the prior County Council. The new document streamlines the processes. The November 19th hearing is set for the CMA.

For a handout on the new zones - . For an interactive map showing old and new zones -

Register to Speak. You must pre-register before 3:00 p.m. November 18, 2020. Sign up at

Written Testimony. Written testimony, comments, and affidavits will be accepted in electronic format only via the Council's E-portal at or email to or faxed to 301.952.5178.

Local District 1 Development

Many of you have reached out to our office with questions about current and upcoming development in District 1. As a result, we have made public a tracking spreadsheet ( used by the office that lists all development actions with a link to the Prince George’s County Planning Department’s Development Activity Monitoring System (DAMS) that includes additional information. For those unfamiliar with the terms, the top row of the spreadsheet provides links to reference documents.

The former Behnke property is in the pre-planning stage. The plan calls for the front portion of the property to become a 7-Eleven with gas pumps. If you wish to share your opinion with Council Member Dernoga, you must do so before the developer files officially with the Planning Board. Once a zoning application has been filed, State Public Ethics law prohibits the Council Member from discussing the case. The documents can be found at

Please keep in touch! Email us at or call 301.952.3887. Se habla Español. For invitations and community events you would like share with us, please email with details. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @TomDernogaD1

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