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Jason's Jive November 2022 By Jason Inanga

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Let me start with this so that it does not get lost in the body of this piece. An interesting job opportunity has arisen in Dallas, Texas, The CEO of the Dallas Arboretum is set to retire in 2023, after 27 years of service in that position. If you know anyone in your circle of friends or family who might be interested, go to their website for more details. Apparently, the search is on for her replacement.

Speaking of jobs, I am excited that in my short time here in Dallas, since moving from Beltsville in 2019, I have been able to help a few people get jobs. Yes, the job market is interesting right now, but these are complete strangers whom I have been able to come into contact with on my day-to-day activities at work.

On October 18, I saw a person at my job whom I had tried to get hired since November last year. He is finally on board and is excited to get a full-time career job with benefits. I say this to say, it does not hurt to help others. I am just excited to be able to make a change in the life of a person.

Finally overcame my fear of dentists and went to see one a week ago, the first time in a loooong time. I had a bad experience as a 13-year-old where I was used as a guinea pig, to have braces put in. This was in 1983 and the technology was new to Nigeria, and I was used as a case study. Dentist and I did not get along well, as a few times he was rough, and I would nip at him. Things got so bad that an 8 o’clock appointment would not happen till close to 11 am or midday. He wanted to get as much done before dealing with me and my drama. Remember back in the day, the technology was totally different. Not to bore you, but last week, the dentist gave me a clean bill – no cavities, which she said was remarkable, since I had not been inside a dentist’s office in many years. Here is a tip from Texas Health and Human Services: “ As we get older, our gums can recede and expose the roots of our teeth … and can easily develop decay. They can also be harder to treat. Things to consider for a healthy mouth: Brush, twice a day, floss daily, eat healthy, drink water for a dry mouth and do not delay --- if you have a tooth that is bothering you, don’t delay getting it examined. Putting off treatment can worsen the issue and treatment can be more expensive.” I hope that pushes one of you readers to get up and go see the dentist. Also check your blood pressure regularly and exercise. We are not getting younger.

As I write this, our temperatures have started to drop and now it is not unusual to have 40- and 50-degree weather in the evenings. Makes me think of you in Beltsville and the rest of Maryland. Please start stocking up on winter supplies, so that one is not caught up in last minute purchases before a storm. Check expiry dates on food items so you are picking up items with a long shelf life. Get your car tires checked out, do your oil changes and also fix any lingering issues around the house.

As we get into the season of thanksgiving, remember to grab your turkeys early enough and season them well in advance of cooking them. Also, now is a good time to start Christmas shopping and with supply chain lines going through challenges this year, it would not hurt to start to buy your presents and hide them…just remember where you hid them, so you are not like me, wondering where you put this or that. Also, I know some of the schools in Beltsville do a shoe box gift for children in other parts of the world. It would not hurt to do a family project and bring cheer to a child in another part of the world. Spread the joy of Christmas.

That’s the Jive for this month. Have a great day.

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