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Jason's Jive October 2020 By Jason Inanga

On my way to work, I have a 40-minute commute from McKinney, where I live, to the part of Irving, where I work, right next to a portion of the DFW International Airport. There are times I listen to music on the radio or a sports talk show. However, I have discovered a radio station, National Public Radio, NPR, that carries a lot of programs in collaboration with the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC. I enjoy the magazine-type features that come over the station, giving an outlook to cultures of people in other parts of the world. So, in Beltsville, I am sure you can find a similar NPR station and enjoy some nice programs.

Has this happened to you? You step out your vehicle and approach a business, and just before you open the door to enter, you realize you have forgotten your face mask? It happens to me often enough, but there are times I have stayed in my car in the parking lot and observed the different ways people react when they are a distance from their car and realize they have forgotten their mask. Their reactions are priceless, and about 60% of the folk tend to throw their hands up in the air, mutter something, and only after this process, turn around to go get the facial mask. Observe for yourself and see…simply funny.

My garden is still going well, and I am excited. I transplanted some okra plants from a friend, and some of mine are blooming. My green pepper tree had given me only one pepper for the year. Now it is showing many small peppers, but what has me very excited is my lemon grass. Many a night I just walk in the garden, get some fresh lemon grass leaves, and make a cup of bush tea. There is nothing like fresh bush tea. I do not know the medicinal benefits, but it tastes very good.

Next month I will tell you about a new acquaintance here in Dallas. We met at a 7-11. He sat outside on the concrete floor, quietly not bothering a soul. I went inside to buy a cup of ice because it was hot. I ended up buying two cups of ice and two bottles of water and then two slices of pizza. I paid for the stuff, put the pizza and water in a bag, and then went outside and offered them to him. We are complete strangers, two different races, but his face lit up, and I was happy I could put a smile on his face. We have since become relatively familiar.

Another day, I pulled up in the FedEx truck, went to Golden Chick next to 7-11, and bought him a meal. I also gave him some clothes I had promised, added $5, and asked him to use it for dinner.

We have since created a bond, and I have mentioned this to challenge you. Next time you see someone asking for help, please stop and see if you can help them. It doesn’t have to be money. It could be food or water, or sometimes they just are in a tough spot and need some encouragement.

Next month I will dedicate “Jason’s Jive” to his story. His name is Derrick. His story reminds me of Justin, whom I met at a Royal Farms Gas station in Ellicott City a year ago. I tried to help him, and we created a great bond. He too has a story. So please, be your brother’s keeper and help somebody within the bounds of safety, and many a time, these folks don’t want money. In his case, Justin was willing to work a job. Wait till you hear this…only in The Beltsville News. See you next month.

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