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Letter To The Editor from C.F.J.

Abandoned vehicle on Caroline Ave.

UPDATE: Editor, Beltsville News, 

After reading and going to post the last correspondence I sent you, here's the follow up E-Mail I sent to Federal and County Authorities. We NOW know WHO is Tipping these Automotive Businesses off on Rt. 1. 

After that Blue BMW with NO TAGS (Attached) was Reported to All The County and State Authorities, Listed in the Below E-Mail Addresses. The Next Morning @ 6:00 AM it was Removed.


So! Make sure in your next article you List the four people that were sent those E-Mails.

1. Shenika Shaifer - Revenue Authority

2. William (Bill) Edelen - Code Enforcement

3. Angela Alsobrooks - County Executive

4. Councilman Dernoga - Beltsville's Councilman His office sent me an E-Mail the next day??? The Sixth Such E-Mail in the past 2 years??? 

This Issue has been terrorizing our Streets for over 2 years now. And not until we watched these cars jockeying for parking spaces on our residential streets and a Child getting off the School Bus, Who was Almost Struck by one of these Illegal Vehicles, DID anyone take Notice. 

It's Time the Residents of Beltsville know the County has taken Sides with these despicable Automotive Businesses on Rt. 1. And it is obvious NOW, that Someone in the County is Warning these Businesses. WHY?$$$$$

Original Letter: Latest Update on County Revenue Being Wasted.

            The Blue Nissan Murano, First Ticket #24-00004294 on 01/18/2024 - Second Ticket #24-00006890 on 01/25/2024 where 1st. Citation was issued - Third Ticket #24-00012419 on 02/21/2024 2nd. Citation issued. WAS FINALLY REMOVED ON March 8, 2024.

Which for Environmental Reasons, left behind an oil slick and parts on the roadway, which neighbors tried to clean up.

We Move On to the New MO. for these Automotive Businesses that have been ALLOWED to Dump these Illegal and Unauthorized Vehicles on our Residential Streets.

In the middle of the night on 03/17/2024, three vehicles pull up on Caroline Ave. Two are parked real close behind a neighbors vehicle, to hide the fact they have NO TAGS. They drive off leaving a Red BMW and a Blue BMW Convertible. In the middle of the night on 03/18/2024 they come back and remove the Red BMW and remove the tag on the BLUE BMW. The Neighbors vehicle was removed exposing the Blue BMW with NO TAGS.

So the latest Ticket Number #24-00020008, Now goes to Abandoned Vehicles instead of Parking Authority.

So! Let's see which Agency of the County will NOTIFY which ever Business on Rt. 1 that's Dumping these Vehicles, before the County get's to come out and Remove it? More Revenue Wasted.

You Know, The County Executive just announced a shortfall in revenue in the County's Budget and is looking for places to cut??


County Residents Speaking Out,


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