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Letter To The Editor from Rosana C.

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Dear Sir,

I have called the county several times already in the last 6 months, since I have witnessed that on many occasions, the SAME truck picks up the Regular Trash and the Recycling Trash. On all the occasions, I quickly called 311 and reported the issue. Every time, they tell me they will investigate.

On 08/10/2022 I called them again about the same issue around 12:04 noon, and they wrote my complaint and sent me an email with a ticket number. The same day I got an email saying the ticket was closed, “Evidence of issue not found."

I called 311 again the same day, another person took my complaint and gave me a new ticked ID. I explained that they closed the ticket and probably they did not bother to reach out to me if they needed more information. I saw when the truck picked up both containers on several houses on my street.

When I called the last time, I explained that this has been happening way too often and I can see it with my own eyes when this happens. The vendor needs to be held accountable. Otherwise, what is the point of keeping two separate containers if when they pick it up it all goes to the same truck?

If someone else sees this happening, please call 311 and report it. This should not be happening. Also, if you have photos or doorbell ringer video footage showing a crew actually mixing the two into the same truck, please send that information to Mrs. Marilyn Naumann, her email is

Thanks, Rosana C

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