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Letter To The Editor Re: Maryland Farms

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

We received the following letter in response to a submission from residents of the Maryland Farms community in our August 2021 edition.

What Has Been and Is Going on at Maryland Farms Condominiums

An uncomplimentary article about Maryland Farms Condominiums (MFC) recently appeared in the Beltsville News. This is my response to the article.

Mr. Ed Sohrabi has been the President, Board of Directors for MFC, for seven years. Among the first projects he did was to repair the MFC sign at the entrance, which had been vandalized. The Board had gotten an estimate of $3200 to replace the sign. They were not happy and requested a second estimate. Then the Board changed; Mr. Sohrabi became President. He personally took on the sign project, measured and cut the lettering and made the sign look like new.

Asbestos was detected in a building railing. Ed Sohrabi had all the railings pressure cleaned at a high pressure and then had the railing painted. The railings were tested and found free of asbestos.

The building interior stairs were in bad shape. Ed Sohrabi had the stairs reinforced with steel and welded.

The interior stairwells were carpeted and look brand new.

A secure entry door system was installed. Back doors were secured. The call box at the door entry connects to each unit, so guests and unit owners can enter the building safely and securely.

An extensive camera system was installed. Cameras were installed in the 45 buildings and throughout the entire property. The cameras have been helpful in reducing vandalism and crime.

New gutters, downspouts and facia boards have been installed.

The entire parking lot has been repaved with asphalt.

New roofing is being installed on all buildings. This may take a year or more to complete.

We have good management and staff.

Ed Sohrabi is a builder by trade and know MFJ inside and out.

These improvements have cost MFJ a great deal of money. It should be noted when Ed Sohrabi became President, there was $1,200,000 in reserves. Reserves rose to $4,000,000 and most remains.

Instead of criticizing Ed Sohrabi and the Board of Directors, we should be appreciative and thankful.

Dave Hogan

Past President of eight years

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