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  • Karen Coakley

News You Can Use April 2024

Updated: Apr 26

Beltsville neighbors, a Dear Friend to Our Community is moving on to the Next Chapter in their Lives. They say there is a season for everything. As a child I would go with my mother down the driveway to the Spicknall family home. Mrs. Spicknall was waiting to sell fresh corn and tomatoes. The family home sits back off Old Gunpowder Road. As an adult I looked forward to the opening of the market. Spring, summer and fall, like many of you I was a regular. Buying flowering plants, herbs, and vegetables to plant in my yard. Summer and fall to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Apples, pumpkins & Christmas trees too. This is the market that everyone knows. As a long-time community advocate for Beltsville, I saw another side of the Spicknall Family. The family that gave many teenagers over many years their first job. The family that was there to lend a hand, provide fresh produce for families in need. Donations to various nonprofits in our community. Farming is not an easy life; many variables create ups and downs. The Spicknall Family has decided what I know was not easy. They will not be opening this year. 2023 was their last season. Spicknall's Market has been a wonderful family business! A wonderful Beltsville business. A wonderful friend to Beltsville. I am going to miss seeing my friends! I wish the entire Spicknall Family love and laughter as they move on to the next season of their lives.

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