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  • Karen Coakley

News You Can Use February 2024

The Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department Needs Your Help!

            As the Beltsville News is going to press it has been brought to my attention that the "County paid Career Firefighters and EMT First Responders may be moved from the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Station located at 4911 Prince Georges Avenue. We went through this approximately 20 years ago with threats from the County. They wanted to pull County First Responders from the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Station.

            Rumor has it the Career Firefighters and EMT First Responders would be reassigned to other County Owned Fire Stations. That means the Beltsville/Calverton/Vansville communities would have to rely on the Beltsville Station located at Powder Mill Road across from Calverton Shopping Center, the Laurel Fire Station located at Van Dusen and Contee Roads, the Greenbelt Fire Station on Crescent Road and the College Park Fire Station on Route 1 near the entrance to the University of Maryland. ALL of the stations that I mentioned are 2+ miles from most homes and businesses in the Beltsville/Calverton/Vansville area. In the past twenty years there have been new residential and commercial development. This new development has added a significant number of cars on the road which makes response times even longer. The development has also brought an increase in calls for EMT Ambulance services, Fires and Accidents. The Safety and Lives of Residents and Workers in the Greater Beltsville/Calverton/Vansville communities are being put at risk!!!  Our Safety and Our Lives Matter!! Check the Beltsville News Facebook page for updates.


PLEASE Contact:

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks


Council Chairperson Jolene Ivey


Councilmember Tom Dernoga



At Large Member Calvin Hawkins



At Large Member Mel Franklin



Fire Chief Tiffany Green




            Attention Beltsville Non-Profits, please send the name of your organization and your contact information. I will be featuring Beltsville Non-profits in future articles in the Beltsville News.  Email




A reminder about car thefts

Car thefts are still a major problem. Here are a few safety reminders.


1.      Don’t leave anything of value in your car and don’t forget to lock it.

2.      Turn your outside lights on at night and park in a well-lit area.

3.      Don’t leave your car running if you are not inside. Wait to warm it up when you are in your car.

4.      Consider getting a steering wheel lock.


Be vigilant and pay attention to your surroundings so you don’t become a victim. My Valentine’s wish is that we all try embracing Random Acts of Kindness.

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