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Obituary: Spicknall, William T.

William T. Spicknall

William T. Spicknall

William T. Spicknall, lifelong Beltsville resident, passed away unexpectedly on Friday, May 6, 2022. Willie was the owner of Spicknall’s Farm Market on Old Gunpowder Road in Beltsville. He leaves behind his wife Karen and daughter Kaylin; brothers Jimmy (Cyndy), Sammy (Lauri), Bobby (Mimi), and Mark (Bonnie) and their families; and a large extended family of nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Willie was a good athlete and played many Beltsville Boys and Girls Club sports growing up. He graduated from High Point High School in 1972, where he was a standout football player. Willie was a fierce two-way player, defensive captain and named to the All-County team. He also played for Delaware Valley College where he graduated in 1976.

Willie was an avid sportsman and loved to hunt, fish and golf. He enjoyed being outdoors and always appreciated the natural beauty that surrounded him, whether it was on the farm, in the woods, or in Key West, his favorite winter vacation spot.

After college, Willie returned to Beltsville to work with his parents on the farm. He built the small roadside stand on Old Gunpowder Road in the early 1980s and gradually expanded it each year with hard work and fierce determination. His brother Bobby soon joined Willie and they enjoyed a long partnership.

Friends of the Spicknall boys often helped work on the farm in their youth and many local teenagers had their first jobs at Spicknall’s market. Willie did not suffer fools and you needed to be a good worker with common sense to last a full season. His many friends came by the market often just to talk. Those who knew him best, knew Willie kept his own counsel, shunned the limelight, and let his actions speak for themselves. Willie was a generous man who supported many local organizations these last 40+ years, something he learned from his parents Bill and Betty. He loved his neighbors and the Beltsville community.

The funeral was held on May 13, 2022 at Emmanuel United Methodist Church on Cedar Lane and was packed with friends and family, an outward expression of the love and respect many had for Willie Spicknall. He will be greatly missed.

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