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On The Agenda: January 2022 By President Karen M. Coakley

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Groups of 10 or more Drivers racing up and down highways and local roads has become a major issue in our area. Drivers who pass in the emergency pull-out lanes on the side of highways then zigzag from left to right cutting off everyone and anyone in their path. This is not just a Beltsville problem, this is a regional problem and the fines and penalties currently on the books are a slap on the wrist. Twice in the past 7 months roads in the Beltsville area have been closed down for the stunt drivers to do their tricks.

My concerns are what happens to the fire department and the police who are trying to respond to a situation that could be life threatening. Like the rest of us, they are stuck in traffic until the stunt drivers decide to depart. I have seen many posts and complaints on Nextdoor and other social media sites. Unfortunately, the current laws and penalties are totally inadequate to deal with the problems. Delegate Mary Lehman is working on legislation to add stiffer penalties and fines. Please join our virtual meeting on Wednesday, January 19th at 7:00 pm. Delegate Lehman has been rescheduled from her November presentation. The Zoom Meeting information will be posted on and the Beltsville News Facebook page:

If you are looking for the actual paper copy of the Beltsville News you can pick one up at Giant, WaWa, Beltsville Library, Beltsville and Vansville Community Centers, Fairland Aquatic/Gymnastics Center, Fairland Ice Palace and Lax Wine and Spirits and Remington’s to name a few places if you would like a subscription please contact Ted Ladd at 301-937-6796 or

The weather is getting colder DO NOT leave your car unattended to warm up, you may return to find your car stolen. If you have a community concern I can be reached at 301-741-7672.

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