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  • Rick Bergmann

Successful Run of Aladdin Jr. at St. Joseph’s

I had the pleasure of attending St. Joseph’s Spring Musical, “Disney’s Aladdin, Jr.” on May 18th. The story we all know, a small town “street rat” named Aladdin wants to make his life better. After a chance meeting with the Princess Jasmine in the marketplace, he is manipulated by the villainous Jafar and his pet parrot Iago to enter the mystical cave of wonders to retrieve a mysterious lamp. Once he has the lamp, he accidentally rubs it and is introduced to a magical Genie! The Genie helps Aladdin learn who he truly! It’s a wonderful tale and the cast and crew of St. Joseph’s Aladdin transported the audience to “a whole new world.”

        The students in St. Joseph’s theater program did a great job of bringing a freshness to a classic story. They were a delight as they sang classic Disney songs such as Friend Like Me and Prince Ali as well as the love theme A Whole New World. In a time when arts programs in schools are being cut, it was nice to be able to go out and see children being given the opportunity to show their creativity and talent. Congratulations to all involved! Click through the gallery of pictures from the show below. All photographs were taken by GM Photography LLC (

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