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  • Lois Hamilton

The Beltsville Young At Heart Club April 2024

           This year has been anything but usual. As seniors, we know patience and perseverance, but the weather has not made this time of year easy to get together.

Our refreshment chairman, Carol Kosadar, has moved to Florida. We will miss her, but we have two ladies, Maria Halli and Ann Marie McCarron, who have stepped up to satisfy our mid-day munchies with some of their contributions. We look forward to it.

Our new directories are ready to give out. Total Copies on Main Street in Laurel did a great job of assembling the books. I hope we have some new members to add as an appendix soon.

Our April entertainment will be “Supreme Temptations” with some lively Motown tunes. May will be home-town boy, Johnny Seaton, rescheduled from January.

Shirley Denell has a list of the trip for this year (bring a check to pay when you sign up), and we have new items on the Ways & Means table plus a chance to win with 50/50 drawings. Please “spread” the word of the club. Call me with any questions at 301-498-9736. “Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence.”  Hal Borland

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