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This is in memory of my dear friend Carolyn Scarcia (6/25/32 – 5/29/22) By Karen Bowen Shaw

Updated: Aug 1

Carolyn recently passed away at her Beltsville, MD home after a lengthy illness. She was very close to my mother Bytha Bowen who passed away in April 2002. After my mom passed away, Carolyn took it upon herself to send me a birthday card every year that was signed by her and my mom. When I would go down to my dad’s house, I would try to make a point of going to see her. I would call her just to see how she was doing or feeling as she was legally blind. I considered her my other mother as I didn’t have one, but I always said “I love you” after my calls. The last time I visited her was on May 19th. I stopped by there after boxing up stuff at Dad’s house. I stayed for about a half hour and when I left, I gave her a kiss on her forehead, and told her I loved her. She asked me before I left, once dad’s house was sold, would I still come to visit her. I said of course. So, 10 days later, I got a call and was told she passed away a little after midnight. I will miss her a lot. Her and mom were considered the Beltsville Streetwalkers, as they walk together all the time. In 1976, I went with her and mom on a bus trip to New York City (my first and only trip there). We went on a carriage rides together through Central Park. So now they are both in Heaven together and can walk wherever their hearts desire.

May you rest in peace Carolyn.

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