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Update from The Vansville Heights Citizen Association, Inc. By John D. Perkins, President, Vansville


During this season of uncertainty, fires raging out of control, unprecedented hurricanes, a pandemic on the attack not only on the United States but the entire world, we must all rally together to do our part in two particular areas: 1) you must complete your Census information - for specific details. It has never been an easier time to complete your census, whether online, over the phone or by mail - all without having to meet a census taker; 2) Vote. Go to - everything you need to know is on this website. Fast, free, easy, secure...nonpartisan.

I would like to thank you for attending our monthly meeting via conference call on September 14th. Also, I wish to thank Dr. Trudy Hall (University of Maryland Medical Center) and Mr. Donald Jones (Census Bureau) for taking time to be on our call sharing a wealth of information.

A special thank you to Angelique Bianca, Office Manager and Michelle Garcia, Chief of Staff from Councilman Dernoga's office. You are great to work with as you assist with the coordination for our speakers and issues concerning the Vansville community.

Communication and sharing of information is extremely critical during this time of dealing with so many circumstances. Be sure to encourage others to complete their Census and Vote!!

Our next meeting will be held via conference call Monday, October 12, 2020 - 7:00 pm. You can dial in at 712.775.7270. The access code is 887 181. Be Calm. Be Prepared. Be Assured.

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