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Vansville Heights Citizens Association, Inc.

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Vansville Heights Citizens Association, Inc is a historic community in Prince George’s County and for statistical purposes, Vansville is a part of the Beltsville census-designated place. Vansville, MD was officially designated as a historical site by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission on January 30, 1973.

You may ask why is this significant! It is significant because the Vansville Community historical marker is located at Odell Road and Old Baltimore Pike which is within 1 block of the Beltsville Agriculture Research Center (BARC) where the Bureau of Engraving and Printing will house its new facility being re-located from downtown Washington, DC.

The Vansville Heights Citizens Association, Inc. unanimously agrees and welcomes the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) to the historic Vansville/Beltsville community.

The Vansville Heights Citizens Association, Inc. is welcoming of the Bureau of Engraving with the understanding that they will work hand in hand with minimum impact to the community that they will be a part of.

We have met with several representatives of the BEP project and most recently with Mr. Chuck Davis, from the Facility Project Management Office. He and his team feel that they have a great respect and an interest in maintaining our historic area with a desire to develop a good community working relationship.

Additionally, we are encouraged that a great deal of the landscape will remain and enhanced, BEP will reach out to the community for opportunities to share in the actual work they do offering training and job opportunities will be made available.

HOWEVER, we are not naïve and we have discussed and shared our concerns of increased traffic with an already overwhelmed road system and with the influx of new/additional employees’ traffic will increase no matter the number of working shifts that will be in place. Therefore, monitoring of traffic during your planning stages should be done at peak traffic hours not off hours. Other areas for continual review are managing Hazardous Materials, Air Quality and proper use of the land.

We are asking for a continual review of plans for specific infrastructure improvement for several major roadways in our area that will be critically impacted, including but not limited to Edmonston Road, Odell Road, Old Baltimore Pike, Powdermill Road and Sunnyside Avenue.

We are hopeful that our neighboring communities will receive the Bureau of Engraving into our area finding substance in broadening our old and new mutual needs.

Vansville Heights Citizens Association, Inc. are encouraged, supportive and look forward to many opportunities to discuss this project in the very early stages of its progression!

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