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Baker Bill@Riderwood: May 2017

Man, it's hard to think I'm writing for May. It seems just yesterday it was February. Oh, well. I have had good mail in the past weeks about persons trying my recipes. Some good but not all. Fruitcake: two people said it was dry, but they admitted they overbaked it. Most comments were on the chocolate chip cookie. One said theirs rose high. We went over the recipe and found she used baking powder instead of baking soda. It’s easy to do. Many people think they are the same, but far from it. Baking powder makes things rise, and baking soda makes them spread. It is good to hear the good and not so good. If you tried a recipe and had good or bad results, tell me about it by writing me at I love mail. I watch a lot of TV, and the shows I like are all soap operas now, so if I miss a week, I’m lost as to the story. Man, am I glad baseball has started. In my opinion, there are far too many informational ads on the networks nowadays. There is one being showing about a device that hangs you upside down, and the man or lady doing it can't weigh over 120 pounds. I would like to see some one at 200 pounds do it. The legs are not far enough apart to handle that. I have a GREAT recipe for you this month. The recipe is simple, and you have everything you need there in your pantry. Don't you hate recipes that call for a secret ingredient that makes you look all over the supermarket and when you can't find it you just abandon the project? This recipe is three fold, French toast, bread pudding and coconut custard pie. First, make the egg filling (you will use this for all 3 recipes) in med size bowl whip up 3 eggs 1 table spoon flour 1/4 cup sugar pinch of salt dash pepper 2 teaspoons corn starch now add 2 1/2 cup cold milk And now for the first recipe, get a frying pan ready with oil hot, now dip 2 pieces of toast in the egg filling and fry in the pan, while doing this have 2 more slices soaking. When fried, serve with syrup. Man what a breakfast or dinner! For the second recipe, use the same egg filling mixture. Put chunks of stale bread and raisins to taste ,dump in deep pan and bake approximately 25 minutes @ 400 degrees. It will be the best bread pudding ever. Serve hot or cold. For the 3rd recipe put coconut in the egg filling mixture to taste and pour the entire amount into a deep pie pan and bake for approximately 30 minutes. This will make an excellent coconut custard pie, serve cold! It’s now time to close. Baker Bill@Riderwood

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