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Baker Bill @ Riderwood: August 2017

I just learned Raulin's Bakery has a new service, a drive-thru lane. No, not really: I just saw a picture of the front boarded up after a car jumped the curb into the glass. I hope no one was hurt. I guess by now things are back to normal. Well, I hope so.

August is sports month. Baseball is going strong, then football will be starting, soccer is in finals, and even the Capitals are in camp. Wow, I hope the Nationals are not in a “srump” as usual this time of the year. No, I spelled it right: “srump.”

Things are about to change here at Riderwood. A major upgrade is starting at the town center with new construction happening. Riderwood is going to gut the hub and enlarge the restaurant to give us a new and better pub. All the offices are going to trailers so that construction can start in the middle of July. Frankly, I think it's going to be a mess.

We are also getting a newer, larger fitness center with a large pool, and that’s not all. The company is going to build, or I should say install, another elevator in the center. There's only one now, and there should have been two from the start, one of the only mistakes made 15 years ago. I think Riderwood is upgrading the playgrounds and picnic areas. Over by where residents can have a garden, there's a new covered table that is great for lunch out of the sun. I hope Riderwood improves the areas over by the back lake or at least cuts the grass. There is a play area there that was rebuilt last year, but like I said, the grass is so long no one uses it.

All things are going well for this super senior here at Riderwood. With my power chair, I have the run of the place. Tomorrow, I go to the ShopRite on the bus that takes wheelchairs with a special lift. Man that's a trip; I call it my adventure once a month.

No recipe again this month, but in September I’ll have a lot of new and tasty ones. I'll give you a list to set up your pantry.

Well, that's all for now. To contact me write to or go on my website @—lots of good stuff there. But use any Internet assess other than Google: it does not like me somehow.

Baker Bill AKA Bill Raulin @ Riderwood.

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