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Young Area Coach Gives Back to His Community

As a youth, CJ Osuchukwu played both soccer and basketball in Calverton and Beltsville. Lead by Coach Jack Lee, he played both sports with the same group of young men for several years.

“Mentors come in all shapes and forms, never failing to provide motivation and inspiration,” said CJ. “I was constantly encouraged to challenge myself and have absolute commitment to all that I do.”

Presently, CJ is a senior at the University of Wisconsin, Superior, and he plays on the university’s basketball team. One value that remains important to CJ is the importance of giving back to his community. He now volunteers as a basketball coach with the same unwavering dedication, selflessness, and passion to the sport that his former coaches expressed in his youth.

CJ Osuchukwu’s journey is a great reminder that team sports can have a lifelong influence. Local volunteer coaches provide their knowledge about sports, but they also are positive influences for youth, showing them what it means to be model citizens, team players, and leaders in their communities.

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