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  • Ivy Christoffers

A True Story Concerning the D.M.V (That’s Hard to Believe)

Ivy Christoffers

On July 24, I was cleaning out my purse when I noticed my vehicle registration was expiring in seven days and realized I had not received my new registration application. I was concerned and gave some thought to just how I could remedy this situation. Aha! I will go through the internet, I decided. So, I booted up my computer and pulled up the Department of Motor Vehicles. I followed the prompts, inputted my tag, and was directed to stay on the page while the computer searched for it. Eight hours later, it still was searching, so I turned off the computer and decided I would make a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Beltsville the next day.

I arrived at the DMV at 2:45 pm on Wednesday afternoon. The line was very long, but I had no choice, so I entered the line of approximately 35 people. After I was in line for five minutes, a very nice young lady touched my arm and asked me to accompany her. She held the barrier up so I could step out of line and took me to the information desk, questioning why I was there. I related my situation to her and gave her my current registration, and she stepped away to check if there was a reason that I had not been sent a renewal. Three minutes later she was back and directed me to window #13 where a very pleasant man was waiting for me. He reissued my two-year registration and took my personal check in payment, and I walked out the door at 3:00 pm.

Can you believe it? Fifteen minutes at D.M.V. All through the years, whenever I have had to go to D.M.V. for anything, it has always been approximately a two-hour break in my day. Just goes to show you, miracles still occur on a daily basis. Alternatively, perhaps it was my silver hair and walking cane that prompted the special treatment. Whatever it was, I am very appreciative.

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