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  • Karen Coakley

On The Agenda: January 2019

Happy New Year! The Citizen's Association will not have a meeting in January. Over the past week, I have heard from several Beltsville residents about problems with the US Post Office here in Beltsville. Please call or send me an email if you have had a problem. I intend to schedule a meeting to deal with the issues. Winter is here. If the weather is calling for snow, please park on one side of the street and get as many cars off the streets so the snowplows can clear them. This is especially important on some of the narrow streets in Beltsville. Neighbors on Wicomico off Montgomery leading to Beltsville Academy: the snowplows need to clear your street so the school buses can get to the school. Neighbors in Beltsville Heights (Quimby, Lincoln, Naples, Olympia, etc.) plus 34th, 35th, and Kenny: I hate to say this, but park on your front yards if that is what it takes to clear the streets. If the streets cannot be plowed, the fire trucks and ambulances cannot get to your home. Last year during a snowstorm, a Beltsville resident had to go to the hospital. The emergency responders had to park in a parking lot on Route 1 and walk two blocks to reach the resident’s home and carry her back to the ambulance. Clear streets during a snowstorm or ice storm can save someone's life. Minutes matter for fire trucks, ambulances, and police to respond. I can be reached at 301.937.3490 or Below is a message from Sgt. Monroe from our COPS Unit at District 6 Police Station. Greetings! Let's help our neighbors and watch out for potential thieves looking to break into vehicles. Also, while you're getting gas, remember to lock your doors and keep your valuables out of sight.

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