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Jason's Jive April 2020

This month I am going to share with you something special. In June 2019, a friend of mine, Malcolm Schweizer, was on a sailboat trip in the US Virgin Islands with his family. His little daughter, Petra, decided to write a message and put in a bottle, which she eventually threw overboard. She included a phone number.

In early March 2020, a United States Coast Guard crew found the bottle off the Bahamas of Inagua. They sent a text along with photos. The message from the crew reads:

Good afternoon Petra’s Parents, this is from the United States Coast Guard Crew of the 6046 MH-60T helicopter. During one of our flights in the Bahamas, we found Petra’s bottle with the message enclosed. It brightened all of our hearts finding this message and truly hope that your voyage is memorable.

Hope all is well,

Sincerely, Mike Diglio, USCG Rescue Swimmer, Cody Dickey USCG Flight Mechanic, Cody Eagerr USCG Pilot, Nate Jones USCG Pilot.

The encounter made headline news in the media on the US Virgin Island of St Thomas. I decided to share this as I have done something similar in Beltsville, but with helium balloons. When I lived in Beltsville, I did a lot of work with young people at the Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church, and a few times, we released balloons into the air. We wrote Bible verses and the names of some of the children along with the date and address of the church. It has not happened yet, but as I told the children, do not be surprised if one day somebody shows up at the church with one of the balloons or better still somebody writes the church with a story of how they found the balloon and were blessed.

As we go through the period of the COVID-19 virus, I am just going to appeal to you my dear reader... let us go back to basics: washing off hands as often as necessary and avoiding touching things outdoors—period. Also, when you come indoors, take your shoes off, have a shower, and then go about the rest of your routine.

Well, here in Dallas we are doing okay. I have been able to get the basics we need. Have a safe Easter period ahead and have a great day.

Photo Caption: Members of the United States Coast Guard Crew of the 6046 MH-60T helicopter with Petra’s bottle and note.

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