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Celebrating 10 years of Dedication and Fitness at Wellness For Life!

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Wellness for Life Fitness Center recently had the pleasure of hosting a social gathering to honor their amazing gym members who are 80 years or older with 10 years or more of continuous membership. To show their appreciation for dedication and loyalty, WFL gave them all a special gift - a free membership for life!

"We couldn't be more grateful for these members who have made our gym what it is today. They've shown us that hard work, commitment, and a love for fitness can truly pay off in the long run." said Trish, WFL Manager.

The seasoned members cut cake and reminisced as Clai, WFL Owner expressed his sincere gratitude "We're proud to be a partner in their health and fitness journeys and look forward to many more years of working out together!"

Wellness for Life just celebrated 25 years of business in Laurel. They are located above the Gardens Icehouse Center in the Fairland Regional Park.

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