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Challenging Times for Patriotic Organizations By Ivy Christoffers

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Now that we cannot meet as usual to fulfill our programs designed to advance the welfare of our active military, our veterans, our youth, and our communities, what do we do with all the extra time we have on our hands? I, for one, have found myself pulling my old favorite books off the shelves and once again losing myself within their pages, revisiting the exciting characters therein. Also, I spend a lot of time on the telephone checking up on my family and friends. And, I must confess that I seem to be obsessed with Facebook. Who knew?

The Department President of the American Legion Auxiliary of Maryland, Linda Green, called for an executive meeting on August 15 that was held in Stevensville, across the Bay Bridge, however, many of us are still reluctant to come together and did not feel we could attend, yours truly included. There was a quorum, so business was conducted, including plans for a virtual conference to be held on September 20. This will be a first, so let’s pray it goes well.

Several units have found innovative ways to hold fundraisers to obtain the funds necessary to continue their support of their V.A. Medical Centers. These are Washington V.A. in D.C., Baltimore V.A., Perry Point V.A. and Loch Raven V.A. in MD and Martinsburg V.A. in West Virginia. These Medical Centers depend upon the patriotic organizations for much of their support of veteran’s needs.

The remodeling of Latimore-College Park Post # 217 American Legion is coming along nicely. Our new chef, Joe, is happily cooking up a storm. We hope to soon be able to offer all the services we are known for.

Until then, may God continue to bless you and yours. Keep our troops in your prayers as they strive for peace around this world of ours. Remember, POW/MIA Day is coming up in September, take a moment to remember them and their families as well as those we lost on 9/11. God bless America.

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