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Cub Pack 1031 Hiking Thru Summer!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Pack 1031 Looking at a huge beaver lodge at Cash Lake!

Cub Pack 1031 has moved to summertime mode. We have been hiking on the trails in the area and seen a lot of wildlife! Deer in a field, cricket frogs (that are tiny but noisy and all through the woods at the Patuxent Wildlife Refuge). We also saw a beaver and his tremendous beaver lodge and two Northern Mole Kingsnakes. The pattern will make you step back and check for “red next to black- friend of Jack.”

This week we launched rubber band planes which the scouts found lots of fun! You can find lots of variations on how to do them online. It was the perfect time to teach potential energy and kinetic energy-- and aiming down field!

If you are interested in joining Cub Scouts, contact Regina Halper at for information. We are a family scouting unit. We learn outdoor skills, citizenship, STEM, nature, camp two times a year and do service. We meet during the school year at Beltsville Academy for our den meetings. In the summer we will be out and about in the parks learning about nature, STEM, doing service, and hiking outdoors.

Interested in helping support our pack? We are asking the community to help us raise money to cover the increased cost of scouting by purchasing Papa Johns Fundraiser cards. Watch out for us in the community selling them. Annual Council fees went from $67 to $162! Please support us when we contact you about helping us out.

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