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Cub Pack 1031 Scouts Getting Ready for the Holidays

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Kyle T showing off his candy cane reindeer to the rest of the pack on Zoom

As the holidays approach, Cub Pack 1031 met on Zoom to have our holiday party. We made ornaments, did skits, and had a visit from Santa who played Christmas songs! Little did you know Santa had such talents!

We have been hard at work earning achievements and collecting cans to donate to the St Joseph’s Food pantry. The Lions completed Fun on the Run and are working on Animal Kingdom. Tigers completed Games Tigers Play and have been biking a lot!! Wolves have finished Council Fire and Howling at the Moon. Wolves did a skit with finger puppets about making gifts. Bears are working on Paws for Action and Roaring Laughter by telling Christmas jokes at the Zoom meeting. Webelos completed Webelos Walkabout and Into the Woods! We did lots of work before the weather gets cold!

For the coming year, our families will be working on achievements on Zoom with our den along with monthly meetings in the outdoors, and we keep it fun! We are out in the parks and on the trail when we can, wearing our masks, cleaning our hands, and staying 6 feet apart.

If you are interested in discovering the fun of Cub Scouts, please contact Regina Halper at for more information.

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