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Enjoy a Good Mystery This Halloween with UpStage Artists!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Becky Goldberg rehearses a scene from UpStage Artists “And Then There Were None” which runs from Oct. 28 through Nov. 6 at Emmanuel United Methodist Church.

UpStage Artists is preparing for its final show of the 2022 season, Agatha Christie’s most popular mystery, And Then There Were None. The play is “A dark thriller in three acts. One of Christie’s darkest tales and a masterpiece of dramatic construction, its growing sense of dread and unfaltering tension will keep you guessing to the very end.” It opened on Broadway on June 27, 1944, and now, 78 years later, it is gracing a stage in Beltsville!

The play begins when Ten strangers are summoned to a remote island. All that the guests have in common is a wicked past they're unwilling to reveal and a secret that will seal their fate. For each has been marked for murder. As the weather turns and the group is cut off from the mainland, the bloodbath begins and one by one they are brutally murdered in accordance with the lines of a sinister nursery rhyme.

This is UpStage’s 3rd show this year and they are looking forward to finishing their season with a good, old-fashioned murder mystery. Come out and join them for this incredible Who Done It!

Show dates are October 28, 29, November 4 and 5 at 7:30 pm and October 30 and November 6 at 2:30 pm. You can buy your tickets for $12 at today! UpStage Artists sincerely appreciates all the support that the Beltsville Community has given to their program.

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