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Frontline Medical Center Opens in Silver Spring

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Dr. Wilkinson Ninala

Dr. Wilkinson Ninala resumes medical practice after experiencing miraculous healing

Dr. Wilkinson J. Ninala, a highly respected physician in the Washington D.C. and Maryland area, has returned to medical practice after 4 years. He fought bravely through a serious ailment and has responded to the pleas of his former patients to resume practice and provide the supports for which he is widely recognized.

Dr. Ninala’s new clinic, Frontline Medical Center, in partnership with Frontline Community Services, a provider agency supporting people with disabilities, is expected to meet the needs of a wide array of people in need.

A native of Andhra Pradesh, India, Dr. Ninala’s compassion and deep interest in the lives of his patients and their health challenges, has endeared him to his several thousand patients.

A well-equipped facility located at 831 University Blvd. East, #37, Silver Spring, MD 20903, was inaugurated by Dr. Victor Hrehorovich, an expert in Infectious Diseases Medicine, and the physician under whom Dr. Ninala completed his residency in Baltimore, MD. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, who since 1966 has practiced in Maryland, Dr. Hrehorovich warmly greeted Dr. Ninala in the presence of friends and family including several physicians from the VA Hospital in Washington D.C. where Dr. Jennifer Ninala is employed as a physician-psychiatrist.

Introducing her husband to the guests, Dr. Jennifer Ninala referred poignantly to his abiding passion to serve his patients, even going to the extremes to buy medicines to give away to those who were too poor to afford the high costs of prescription medicines. Summing up her five decades of being married to Dr. Ninala (whom she fondly calls “Wilky”), she said: “You fall in love because your brain sees the outer beauty; and you stay in love because your heart sees the inner beauty.”

Dr. Wilkinson Ninala held back tears as he acknowledged the grace of the Almighty who blessed him with healing, and an abundance of His grace. He said that as someone who had not even taken a Tylenol in 40 years, he realized that the intense suffering he went through during his prolonged illness gave him a better understanding of the pain and suffering of his many patients.

He used the moment to pay tribute to his teacher-mentor from his school days: “Mr. Pylee Abraham taught me to look beyond the thatched roof of my classroom and aim for a future far beyond the rural confines of my childhood and youth”. Going back to his younger days in Michigan, Dr. Ninala reminisced on the family of Dr. Donald Ballard and his son Dr. Morris Ballard and his daughter-in-law Dr. Diana Ballard in their primary health clinic where Dr. Ninala worked as a lab technician and Dr. Jennefer Ninala as a nurse. The Ballard family “gave my wife and me the support and blessings we needed to venture off to medical school.” He acknowledged Dr. Victor Hrehorovich as a brilliant physician with multiple specialties and who as a superb teacher guided the Ninala couple during their medical residency as their program director.

Frontline Medical Center is equipped for lab work by LabCorp and will perform Covid tests. Dr. Ninala says soon the clinic should be getting its first shipment of Covid vaccinations.

The Silver Spring community has just gained another key primary medical care facility along the Purple Line metro that passes alongside the Physicians’ Building on University Boulevard East bordering Langley Park. Takoma Park City’s Terry Seamans, Council Member and Mayor Kate Stewart shared their special wishes for the success of the new clinic.

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