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It’s Safety Month for Cub Pack 1031

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Webelos learning how to do CPR with Firefighter Clark

Scouts from Beltsville celebrated Scout Sunday with our pastor, Fr. Rob Maro on February 5, 2023, at St Joseph Catholic Church. Scouts from Pack 1031, Pack 740, Troop 1033B and Troop 214G led the procession, brought up the offertory and received Scout Sunday patches

Firefighter Clark of the Prince George’s Fire Department came visited Cub Pack 1031 on Monday February 6th. We learned to be sure we had a family escape plan, how to stay safe in our bedrooms if we hear the smoke alarm go off (check the door be sure it isn’t hot), be sure we had working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers in our homes. The Webelos learned how to perform CPR.

On February 13th, we checked where the AED is at Beltsville Academy and practiced Stop, Drop and Roll. The dens are also completing the Protect Yourself achievement. One part for the Wolves it is No, Go, Yell, Tell.

Scouts from Pack 1031, Pack 740 and Troop 1033 took part in Scout Sunday at St Josephs on February 5 and P1031 and T1033 Scouts also took part in Scout Sunday on February 12th at Emmanuel United Methodist Church. Other Cub Scouts attended their church in uniform, and all earned the Scout Sunday patch.

This month the Cub Scouts are working on their core requirements and reviewing God and Country requirements. We look forward to having our first Blue and Gold Dinner indoors in three years and are preparing for a camping weekend this spring!!

If you are interested in joining Cub Scouts, contact Regina Halper at for information. We are a family scouting unit. We learn outdoor skills, citizenship, STEM, nature and do service. We are back in Beltsville Academy for our den meetings. And happy to be meeting in our usual place and learning about nature, doing service and hiking in the outdoors. We are mask optional.

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