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Join Scouting Night for Cub Pack 1031 a Success!!

Updated: Oct 25

Arrow Scouts Anya and Kyle along with Scout BSA scout Tabatha, work with new scouts to make an American flag to display at home and teach them how to fold a flag

On Monday, September 18th Cub Pack 1031 held their Join Scouting Night. We have at least five more kids who are interested in scouting! So, we have added at least nine scouts to the pack! Welcome, new scouts and their families!

The leaders talked with the parents while the kids and scouts learned how to fold a flag and took home a small flag they made themselves. They also did leaf rubbings, tied the square knot, learned about fish in our streams, walked with swampwalkers and flew paper airplanes!

We look forward to a year of camping, hiking, community service with Scouting for Food (a week early this year, Saturday, November 4th), and learning about duty to God and country, helping others and how to take care of themselves.

If you are interested in joining Cub Scouts but couldn’t make it to our JSN night, please contact Regina Halper at for information. (Check out the flyer posted on the Beltsville News page and in Nextdoor.) We are a family scouting unit. We learn outdoor skills, citizenship, STEM, nature, plan to camp two times a year and do service. We meet during the school year at Beltsville Academy for our den meetings. In the summer we are out and about in the parks learning about nature, STEM, doing service, and hiking outdoors.

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