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Local Students Excel On Americanism Essays By Ivy Christoffers

As in the past several years, the students of Holy Redeemer Catholic School in Berwyn Heights have excelled in the annual American Legion Auxiliary’s Americanism Essay Contest. The contest is divided into 4 groups: Group I consists of grades 3 and 4, Group II consists of grades 5 and 6 and Group III consists of grades 7 and 8 while group IV is special education. This year there were no Group IV essays submitted. Our four judges for College Park Unit # 217 were from the educational field and found it a challenge to select the winners but eventually reached a decision. The first-place winners were then submitted to Southern Maryland District for further consideration and all three were again found to be worthy.

Congratulations are extended to the following: Group l 1st place went to Elizabeth Whitehead who also won 2nd place in Southern Maryland District, the 2nd place was won by Ruby Nurse, 3rd place by Lucas Brewer and honorable mention went to Kyle Lewis. In Group II the 1st place went to Harold Slaughter who also won 2nd place in Southern Maryland District. The 2nd place went to Molly Smith while Josephine McAndrew took 3rd place and Mathew Robinson received honorable mention. The winners in Group III are 1st place Hebriel Muzakir who also took 3rd in the district, 2nd place went to Malaya Gage while 3rd pace was won by Ella Buchanan and Amari Phillips received honorable mention. The students of Holy Redeemer School continue to excel year after year. The 1st place winners are invited to the Southern Maryland District meeting held on April 25 to read their essays and receive their district awards. The school principle and teachers usually attend to show support to their students.

We hope to soon be able to open our College Park American Legion Post home to more activities. The past year has been most challenging. We have had to cancel many of our programs and activities due to the need to stay as safe as possible. Let us pray that the worst is over and we can soon meet and mingle with our friends again

Remember, Mother’s Day is coming up. and keep Memorial Day in mind and pause to honor the men and women who gave their all for our freedoms. May God bless America and keep our troops safe in their quest for freedom around the world.

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