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On The Agenda March 2023 by President, Karen M. Coakley

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Right Tree Right Place Program Phase 2

The Beltsville Citizens Association March Meeting will take place virtually on Wednesday, March 15th 7:00 pm. The Zoom details are at the end of this month’s column.

Jason Sprouls from the Neighborhood Design Center will give an update on the project on Beltsville.

Caverly Hills: Caverly Avenue, Japanese Zelkova, Silver Linden. Caverly Place: Japanese Zelkova, Silver Linden, River Birch, American Elm

Birmingham Terrace: Montgomery Court: Flowering Cherry, Crapeymrtle, River Birch, Hawthorn, Silver Linden, American Elm, Bald Cypress.

Westview: Longhorn Court: Tulip Tree. Longhorn Drive: Flowering Cherry, Honeylocust, Redbud. Westview Court: Flowering Cherry, Willow Oak

Beltsville Citizens Association Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 890 9775 6941 Passcode: 488915

If you cannot attend virtually, you can call in: 301-715- 8592 then use Meeting ID: 890 9775 6941 and Passcode: 488915.

Beltsville Comprehensive Community Cleanup

Phase #3-4 will occur between March 6th and March 23rd. Please look at the attached maps for your neighborhood. This phase includes homes behind North of Powder Mill Road and Rhode Island Avenue, Queen Anne, Prince George’s, Battersea, Robey, Emack, Vergie, Garrett, Edomonston, Franklin, Holly Tree, Davron Old Gunpowder, Caverly, Maple, Pine, Lincoln, Macon, Winstead, Quimby, Broad, Alcott, Brewer, Ellington, Old Baltimore, Heartwood, St. Mary, Odell, and Pitsea. (FYI dates on the map are in correct.) If you would like a copy of the cleanup program, send me an email

Car Safety Tip

Car Thieves are watching so on those cold winter mornings. Don’t leave warm your car unoccupied while warming up. In January 25 cars at a Beltsville Apartment complex had airbags stolen, consider using a "Club" on your steering wheel to protect one of your airbags. Car Theft and Air Bag theft continue to be a problem in the surrounding area. Lock your car and remove valuables when you get out of your car especially at gas stations. At night park in a lighted area at home and in parking lots. If you have a community concern, I can be reached at

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