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Resolve to Learn to Play an Instrument in the New Year

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

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(StatePoint) Have you been wanting to learn to play an instrument for a long time? Let the New Year be your motivation to finally take the plunge. Here are some top tips for getting started and for sticking with it:

• Schedule practice sessions: Learning to play an instrument requires a time commitment, so actually schedule a daily practice session -- at least 30 minutes -- in your planner or calendar. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or just before bed, identify a time of day when you are best able to turn off distractions and focus on the task at hand.

• Check out online resources: While in-person lessons may not be available at the current moment, you might try taking a remote class or working with an online music teacher. Free tutorials are also available online and have the added benefit of being paused or replayed again and again.

• Stay motivated: When learning a new skill, fast progress can be one of the greatest motivators. Thankfully, some of the latest tools make picking up the basics easier than ever. For example, with the Casiotone Keyboards from Casio, which feature a built-in learning system, you can go from being a novice to an intermediate player in a matter of weeks. By connecting the instrument to the free Chordana Play app, you can learn to play your favorite songs from downloaded MIDI files. Some of the keyboard models in this series even feature light-up keys, helping new musicians quickly get the hang of proper finger placements and chords.

• Set new goals: Set concrete goals and dates by which you’d like to achieve them. This could be mastering a particular song or performing a live stream concert for your friends over social media. Always having a new goal to reach toward can keep things fresh, helping you stick with your New Year’s resolution.

• Be compassionate with yourself: Learning to play an instrument is not easy, and some practice sessions will go more smoothly than others. Have patience with your own progress and try not to compare yourself to others, especially those who have been playing a lot longer than you!

Building your music skills is not only fun, it’s good for your mental and physical wellness, making it the perfect New Year’s resolution. Be sure to get started with the right mindset and tools.

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