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Baker Bill@Riderwood: July 2017

As you know by now, I'm at Riderwood and have written about it some in the past. Well, today I'm going to write more. This place is well designed and built. All of the inside halls have no stairs other than the emergency-use ones, so I can roam far and wide here. The bus carries me to the ShopRite once a month in my power chair. If I need to go off campus to outside doctors, etc., transportation is great and reasonable. A fellow named Bob Porterfield runs a fine group of drivers who treat us old folks well. Riderwood held the annual fishing tournament last week, but I think it did not go well because the weather was cold and windy. Riderwood does have a lot of outside activities going on weekly, though. You have never seen such green grass without weeds or dandelions, and flowers are everywhere. The apartments here are well soundproofed, and the quiet is very good. It’s nothing like the ones my wife and I were living in when we first married. Betty, my wife, and I lived in a cold water flat in Warrington, England. Ah, the good old days. There is no recipe this month because no one wants to bake in hot weather, but if you want a recipe for most anything, go to, click on recipes, and copy. There are 50 or so good recipes simply written and class tested. I just learned my website has been deleted from Google but can be found on Yahoo: check it out. Please stop asking to become my friend on facebook. I am on no social media outlets—none! But I answer all mail. You know I'm more than just a baker, I also made candy, so if you have questions about candy, I can answer most of them, or I'll do research for you. My email address is, and my website is—but not on Google. I'll close for now. Baker Bill AKA Bill Raulin @ Riderwood.

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