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  • Karen Coakley

On The Agenda: November 2017

Several years ago, I shared “good news”: High Point was going to be renovated/rebuilt beginning in 2017-2018. My dreams for our community have been shattered! I watched as the school board moved the start date back a year at a time. In June of this year, we were told 2024. The start date has now been moved back to 2025! Some have said to me “Karen it’s just one more year.” My response is it is not one more year; it is eight more years, eight years too many! High Point High School is 63 years old. High Point High School will be 70 in 2024. High Point High School is currently at 127% capacity. In 2024 High Point will be at 154% capacity.

High Point has a current enrollment of around 3,000 students, up 900 students since 2014. As I stated, High Point is the oldest high school that has not been renovated or rebuilt. How can our students be trained for the future in a school that was built in 1954? The school cannot even begin to accommodate today’s technology.

Our schools are the heart and soul of our community! We ALL need to take a stand and say enough is enough!!! Our schools impact everyone in the community, not just the students and parents of Beltsville.

Business and residents decide where they will locate based on the schools. The future for our future residents and businesses is bleak.

Please attend the November 15 meeting to discuss the future of High Point High School. We need to STAND UP! We need to SPEAK UP!

Coffee with Cops will be held at the Laurel Senior Center on Nov. 2 at 1 pm. The guest presenter from the MVA will be speaking about “Driving on our Golden Years, Driver Safety for seniors.” Tea with Cops will take place on November 14th at 1 pm at the Ridgewood Community. Both events are open to everyone.

Beltsville Community email list update for all former Verizon email addresses: if you would like to continue receiving community updates, please send me your new email addresses. For anyone who would like to be added, please send me your email address at

If you have a community concern that you would like to discuss, please give me a call at 301.937.3490 or email me at

Please join us November 15, 7 pm, Beltsville Academy, Wicomico Avenue, Beltsville. Bring a friend or neighbor.

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